Deborah A. Kay, LLB, LLM

Deborah A. Kay, LLB, LLM

Deborah A. Kay

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Deborah is a long time resident of Parkland County. She has earned 5 University degrees between 1977 and 2017 demonstrating her commitment to lifelong learning. Deborah has been awarded degrees in Music, Education, and Law, and two Masters degrees, one in Education and a specialized Masters of Law degree in Family Law awarded from Osgoode Law School in January 2017. Deborah worked for almost 10 years to earn the status of a Chartered Mediator (ADR Canada) and a Qualified Arbitrator (ADR Canada).  Deborah continues not only mandatory yearly hours of training but exceeds those expectations by continuing to engage in seminars in Non-Defensive communication skills (PNDC), Legal Education Society of Alberta seminars, Mediation training and countless certificates of achievement over the years

Deborah’s passion lies in Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR); Collaborative Family Law and Mediation.  Her balanced approach to the resolution of legal matters comes from her professional experience in Education and Law that started in 1980.   Out-of-court negotiations in a private setting is the most expedient, cost-effective and least stressful way to end a dispute of any kind. Deborah excels in creative problem solving, looking at options and encouraging agreements that are carefully evaluated and crafted to the satisfaction of both parties and counsel.  At the same time, compromise is not an expectation and court is necessary in some cases and with Deborah’s strong advocacy skills and with over 16 years of litigation experience, clients can rest assured their case will be presented with the utmost care and preparation.

Deborah and her team of highly qualified staff of legal professionals look forward to working with you!